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The Kramer Family are a 6th generation of circus performers from Argentina, who have traveled the world with their talents, performing in over 30 countries around the world with their performances, this time they are bringing a new experience as show producers.

Circus Kramer is proud to bring you an European style show, but with the dynamics from Latin America. Two different cultures under one tent to thrill and delight your family. Coming soon to your city.

One of our attractions is Elayne Kramer , one of the most renowned contortionists, rewarded in 10 circus festivals around the world. She has appeared in various TV shows.
Known specially for her signature trick: holding a bow and arrow with her feet while in a contortion position, and shooting a balloon on target.

We also have our high wire performer troop leader, Capitolino Mitrovich. Who is known for his wire walk across the Stadium El Campin, in Bogota, Columbia from a height of 250 feet. Performing his thrilling stunts across the wire, without a safety net.

The Alvares Family: Head of the family Martin Alvarez is a famous flying trapeze artist who has been amusing audiences from a young age, first recognized at the age of 12, for his first triple summersault on the flying trapeze.
He and his family will present their teeterboard act where we can appreciate the difficulty and professionalism of these performers.
The combination of strength and beauty high above our circus ring on the static trapeze displayed by our aerialist Crina Meda from Rumania, she has performed in the best circuses in Europe with her talent and grace.

Facundo Kramer, a young performer that will astonish our audiences with his Hand balancing and flexibility, his first performance was in Japan for a charity event for those affected by the tsunami of 2011, the audience was stunned with his performance with a mix of modern and traditional unique act.

And their is much more! Like juggling, aerial and balancing acts that will be followed by one of the most recognized clowns in all of Latin America Coco Kramer.
Comedic acrobat will surprise you with his abilities in juggling, trapeze. Will present his own creation from (The World Of The Incredible) the smallest bicycle in the world, of only 6 inches long, which he will ride. Coco Kramer the clown of clowns name given by the press.

Circus Kramer will bring you 2 hours of suspense, excitement and fun for the whole family to see a live performance.

Circus Kramer is not your average show. Guaranteed to delight.

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